Maximus Waste: A Food Waste Mockumentary

Columbia College Chicago’s

First Year Seminar Honors Presents:

Curious Columbia’s Food Waste Investigation

This year at Columbia College Chicago a group of five First Year Seminar Honors (FYSHN) students tackled the issue of food waste. After a thorough process of questioning, exploring, communicating, connecting, and evaluating everything to do with food waste, they have created a humorous documentary for public consumption. It is their goal to help spread awareness about the serious issue food waste in the world, as well as educate individuals about what they can do to create change.

You can find the video transcript here. 

The visual description of the Maximus Waste website is here.

The Investigators

The Wretched Waster


This college student enjoys piling his plate at the University Center Dinning Hall without thinking twice about tossing out his picked-over food. Naturally, college is his domain. He has conducted field investigation with his college-aged peers and researched food waste until he couldn’t bear to throw out another slice of perfectly edible pizza again. The Wretched Waster attempted to conduct interviews with the University Center Staff and Administration but was unable to do so. However, he was successful in interviewing other college students. His goal is to uncover exactly how wasteful the Dining Hall really is.  Acted by Jack Dorst.


The Sustenance Stickler


This wasteful citizen turns up her nose at every expiration date, smudge on her plate, and spot on her food. This picky eater’s goal is to investigate health regulations, food safety requirements, and the difficulties that businesses may face as donors. She explores why our society is so wasteful with food, considering the paradigms of the people and the laws dictating goodwill. Acted by Sarah Lemcke.

The Fearless Food Finder


This brave, mindful individual explores the many alternatives to food waste. By encouraging her friends to pick through dumpsters in the middle of the night, emailing every alternative-eater available online, and exploring the lifestyle herself, the Fearless Food Finder dives into food waste alternatives head on. Acted by Lia Miller.

The Take-out Tree Hugger


An avid environmentalist with sarcastic comments to spare, this poorly informed guest points fingers at everyone but himself when it comes to food waste. Intent on overcoming his food-wasting ways, this tree-hugger interviews environmental professionals and explores consumer alternatives at home so that he can be better informed. His goal is to investigate the environmental impact of food waste and educate the public about the small solutions available to everyone. Acted by Joe Erwin.

The Mess Meddler


This level-headed voice of reason is the presenter of  the food, facts, and fun throughout the dinner party. This meddler acts as the guide, foundation builder, and conclusion maker. She researches food energy, cost, and food insecurity in America, specifically Chicago. Acted by Carson (Izzy) Ruta.