Visual Description of Maximus Waste

Main Page – Maximus Waste

Title: Maximus Waste: A Food Waste Documentary

The header of site, which appears on all pages, includes the title and an image of discarded produce, including : bananas, apples, squash, lettuces, cilantro, celery, etc. All of the pages are built on the same background of fresh food, including: bagels, bread, grapes, peppers, meat, beans, carrots, green onion, pear, and more. The background surrounding page content is the same image. This header and this background is consistent on all subpages of the site.

A top-level menu is places horizontally across the bottom of the header, indicated pages on the site. From left to right, they are: Maximus Waste, Food for Thought, Extended Footage, Confessions, The Pledge, and Research. This menu also appears on all sub pages.

Beneath the header, a brief written description of the Maximus Waste documentary appears above the video. The still image on the video is the 5 researchers/mocumentary actors seated at a dinner table. Links to the video transcript and this written site description appear directly below the video.

A section titled, “The Investigators” has a still image of each investigator in their respective roles in the mocumentary with a brief character description.

Sub Page – Food for Thought

The title “Food for Thought” sits above rectangle still images of the 5 researchers and a rectangle with the text “Want to See More?” arranged in a grid. All images are taken from the video mocumentary. Joe’s image has a purple filter. He is a young man with glasses and dark hair wearing a gray t-shirt. Sarah’s image has a green filter. She is young woman with dark blonde, long, wavy hair. Lia’s image has a blue filter, she is a young woman with dark curly hair wearing and orange sweater, scarf, and headband. Joe;s image has an orange filter. He is a young man with dark hair, glasses, wearing a “SHARK AC” t-shirt and a gray hoodie sweatshirt. Izzy’s image has a yellow filter. She is a a young woman with dark hair, wearing a long-sleeve gray shirt and an apron with the words “Rita’s Kitchen.” The final image in the grid asks readers if they “Want to Learn More?”

Clicking on any of images in the grid takes readers to additional sub pages.

Joe -Sub Page “The World, Food, and You”

Under the title, text is interspersed with two images: 1) an image of watermelon and pineapple rinds in a garbage can, 2)an image of a guide for when to toss items of food by expiration date.

Sarah – Sub Page “Food Safety, Labels, and Donation”

There are six images embedded in the text: 1) a garbage can with food, 2)wilted lettuce, 3)a Food Label Clarification image, 4)a restaurant garbage can filled with bags of garbage, 5) an image of pantry shelves oil, vinegar, honey, peanut butter and other staples, and 6) an image of a computer screen on an “Administrative Code” web site.

Lia – Sub Page “The Art of Dumpster Diving and Freeganism”

There are seven images embedded in the text: 1)an image of food packaged in tupperware and ziploc bags, 2) and image with the text “FREEGAN: We will eat your scrap but we won’t buy your crap, 3)a still image of Lia from the dumpster diving extended footage, 4) a still image of Izzy from the dumpster diving extended footage, 5) an image of the warning sign from an industrial dumpster, warning: Do not play in on, or around or occupy this container for any purpose” 6)an image of a bowl of tomatoes, sqaush, garlic, eggplant, and peppers, 7) a comic of two people diving in a dumpster.

Jack – Sub Page “College Students vs. Food Waste”

There are three images embedded in the text, all different images of plates from the college dorm with varying levels of food left on them, ranging from none to quite a bit.

Izzy – Statistics with Izzy

There are two images embedded in the food waste statistics: 1) a full plate being scraped off and 2) a grocery store aisle with stocked shelves.

Sub Page – Extended Footage

There are six extended footage videos, from which scenes are pulled in the mocumentary. The first video is the team’s dumpster diving. The still image is of Lia’s face. The second video is  the Greater Chicago Food Depository. The still image is of Jim Conwell. The third video is the interview with Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Berg, with a still image of her sitting at her desk. The fourth video is the interview with Nyle Fisher of Columbia College Cafe. The still image is of Nyle Fisher in the cafe. The fifth video is the interview with a Panera manager. The sixth is at the Lakeview pantry and features a still image of Stuart Iseminger.

Sub Page- Confessions

There are no additional images on this page.

Sub Page – The Pledge

There are no additional images on this page.

Sub Page – Research

Sub Page-The Research Process

The page features a timeline graphic of the team’ research process. In a green and blue header, the words “The Process: Food Waste Team Fall 2013” are featured. As you move along the team’s research timeline, each point identified is associated with an image.

Sub Page-Annotated Bibliography

There are no additional images on this page.

Sub Page-Resources

There are no additional images on this page.