College Life and Wasting Food

Dear Curious Columbia

Everyday I see it. And everyday I take part in it too. Piles upon piles of food are stacked on plates, only to have a few bites taken out prior to being trashed. Its a growing trend to get as much food as possible, and eat as little as needed. As a college student I eat in the cafeteria practically every day, and I see so many people throwing away food. 40% of college food is wasted, just thrown away, and never seen again. I am a food waster, and I am aware of it too. But to change means to alter how I live and how others around me live. If it was just me who changed, would anything matter? Probably not. It would take the whole student population of the college to alter this trend. There are already the foundations for this, and we just need to grab hold and make it bigger. All I know for sure is I get more that I cant eat when I am at the cafeteria, and its a trend that I see throughout all of the students who eat there.


The Wretched Waster


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