We Can’t Stop….. The Dinner Party

I am messy. That is for certain. My place is always a mess, but that is thanks to to all the fabulous parties I like to host. These aren’t just any parties, they are dinner parties. I love to invite all my friends over and cook lots of food. Not to mention all the food that they bring to the table as well. We have more than just big ambitions, but also big appetites! Unfortunately by the end of the party a quarter of the food is on the floor and another good amount in the trash. Not to mention our dinner conversations usually consume the best of us and we leave too many items out to spoil. Thanks to Curious Columbia, I am much more aware of how big of an issue this really is. Every portion of food left out to spoil or crushed into carpet is absorption of our planets resources and our country’s finances. It is something to go out of your way to recover still delicious food and/or serve the food insecure, but it is another thing to watch your consumption and cut back waste to begin with!

– Izzy

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